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I suffered from angular cheilitis for two weeks before I found a remedy.

I think it was due to the fact that I am anorexic I had it in the first place. Initially, I used to wash it with soap and apply vaseline but it did not help. I also tried applying cologne on it. It used to sting like hell but nothing happened.

After this I started eating properly and stopped skipping meals. I also drank milk three times a day. Trust me it helps because milk has Vitamin B12.

This is what I did for my angular cheilitis and the cracks have healed completely:
1. Wash your cracks thoroughly with soap and remove the crusts with a tissue or Q tip. Now your cracks should be visible.
2. Take a drop of cologne or after shave and apply it directly on the cracks. This stings like hell and you may want to beat someone up but tolerate it.
3. Wipe the cracks with tissue again because the cologne helps release some liquid from the cracks.
4. Apply liquid paraffin generously to your lips and cracks.

This will heal your cracks completely in 2 days. Ask me if it does not. However, remember to eat nutritious food because this condition is caused by malnutrition and poor resistance to infection.

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