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Here is a revelation! Every day I syringe out peoples' ears. And what do we use for this? Warm water under considerable pressure. You'd think it would be obvious to people that the KEY to treating wax buildup in the ears is to prevent it building up in the first place. And the best way to do this is with what? Warm water under pressure!

For some reason, many people are under the mistaken impression that it's 'bad' to let water in their ears. So they avoid it at all costs in the shower... and then present to the doctor's office every few months to have it done there. When examining peoples' ears, you can always tell who allows water in their ears and who doesn't by the state of the wax buildup - quite simply, there's none in the ears of people who regularly let water in their ears.

The procedure for prevention is simple enough - tilt your head so that the warm or hot water flows in from the shower - it should sound like Niagara Falls! Repeat on the other side. Make sure to tilt your head and let the water run out fully after your shower. This warm or hot water effectively melts the wax, while the pressure washes it away. Lake water can sometimes cause ear infections, and heavily chlorinated pool water can cause inflammation, but tap water shouldn't contain bugs or chlorine, so neither infection nor irritation shouldn't be concerns.

Once you're ears are 'plugged up,' you probably will need to try oils and syringing at the doctors, but regular flushes at home in the shower will make these efforts a thing of the past.

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I take good care of my ears and clean them thoroughly. However, my wax glands are highly overproductive and I continuously get build up.
Nothing has worked for me and I cannot affored to get them cleaned by a doctor each month.
Any answers?


I was told that the reason I was getting ear infections was from getting water in my ear. Is this not the case?


This is actually the ONE thing my ear specialist told me not to ever do again. Some people (like me) have ears that do not allow wax to drain from properly. There for I don't ever actually get to SEE the ear wax. it is in so deep and it builds up with out me being able to prevent it. My ears simply do not drain anything. Even when water gets in there, it become really hard to come out. If you are feeling that you don't see ear wax very much and your ears are feeling constantly plugged, your best thing to do is it see an ears, throat, nose specialist. I see mine every six months to get my ears properly cleaned out. He takes a very small vacuum like stick and sucks all that hard ear wax out. In the mean time, He recommends pouring some olive oil into my ears once a week so that the wax will soften. It also absorbs into the wax where as water doesn't as much. Also NEVER put a Q tip in your ear. I have learned my lesson. And as far as putting warm water into your ear with pressure. This can be very harmful to your ear as well. I know they do it at the hospital but that is all a regular family doctor can really do, I had this done twice and I swear it did nothing but make my ears worse. It also hurt my ear drum causing more infections. So PLEASE save yourself the pain, and just see an ear specialist.


Not everyone can have water in thier ears you know? I never go swimming with out ear plugs, avoid water entering my ears at all cost. Once water enters my ears with in a few hours I have major pain. I have had tubs in my ears and 6 ear surgeries in my life. I have had my ears cleaned out by my doctor and sure they are clean when I leave but I also get pain meds every time they do it because it causes great pain. Not everyone has the same ears you know. So no it isn't that weird people just don't put water in their ears.


Excuse me, you seem to be very slightly misinformed on tap water. Tap water does contain chlorine. It's added at the water treatment plants to kill bugs and bacteria.Then, in our homes, we use things like Brita filters that use carbon to remove the chlorine from our drinking water. However, unless you have a filtered shower head or filters on your bathroom sinks as well, every time you shower or brush your teeth you're getting chlorine in your body through the water.


Actually, it would've been better to say that the person ought to keep their ears clean regularly, that'd make more sense than accuse anyone who has wax build up of not putting water in them.

It's not so much the not wanting to get water in, it's not wanting the water to STAY in the ear. That can be highly annoying having water swishing around inside your head.


Its really not fair to say people with wax build up don't allow water to run in their ears... I had my ears cleaned out at my doctors two months ago. I went back last week for a pysical and guess what! My ears were already almost clogged completely over... and I take care of my ears regularly. I just have an over production which really sucks.


So much condescension In your recommendation, and if you truly did ear washes every day, you would understand that your remedy doesn't work on everyone. When you imply that you're a professional, you should be more responsible in the advice you put out. We aren't toddlers, and don't need to be typed at like we're idiots. Thanks anyway, though.


Your comment about who let water in their ears and who doesn't it not always true.

Ever since I was a small child my dr.s have always commented that I have excess wax more so than other people and I always let the water sit in my ear for a moment or two while in the shower before allowing it to drain out. I am now in my twenties and still have the same problem.

At the moment I have a blockage in my ear that has cut off the hearing because of the wax and the warm water isn't helping.

I appreciate you method and it normally works just not on this blockage. lol

Thank you for your post.

person with ocean in ear

Well that didn't work.

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