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CLEAN---FYI---medical person again

read some more ppl posts on here, couple more tips.

1. the vit c post got good results in the same manner the acv does, acid.

2. to those who tie up the protruding warts, you are cutting off circulation, good job, but follow up with acv/vit c to ensure you got it all.

3. acv/vit c is not spreading the warts, they are bringing out warts you couldn't see that haven't grown to a visible size yet. this is a good way to examine your entire private area, soak a washcloth with acv and cover the entire area until you feel a little sensitive to it (5-30 min). you will see them all, all the white spots. this isnt sufficient to treat them, this just makes them visible so you can treat them.

again good luck, i gotta quit reading you guys offense, but I may never shut up! bye

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NO!!! Thanks SO much for your concern!! Please keep talking!! I am the one who posted the Vit. C treatment. I thought I had caused them to spread. I see now it only brought them to the surface. I would not have known that if not for your post. No matter what you post, no matter how small, its helping someone. Thanks again. God bless!

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