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from CLEAN FYI medical poster

another thought(s):

1. those using chemical remedies--i.e. acv & tto. warts are encapsulated in your skin cells(some people take longer because they have thicker cells than others,hence a thicker wart as well),if you carefully and CLEANLY injure the surface of the wart you will decrease the penetration time and reduce the suffering time frame of keeping the wet bandage applied.and cut those wet cotton balls to just a little bigger than the wart, quit tearing your self up all over!

acv has a good rationale behind it, it is in the glycolic acid family, although it is a weaker version.

you could do the same thing with otc skin peel solutions, just continually dab with a q-tip til it turns white and some do turn black, the ones that turn black just had a better blood supply to it and the blood turns black when reacting to the acid. doesn't change anything.
2. once you knock the wart out, get some otc oral supplements(these are stronger than average sold creams/oils) in gelcap form that you can punture and squeeze out, vit E(mixed tocopherols)and vitamin A(not beta-carotiene/carotenoids), sqeeze a couple of those into a a few sqirts of lotion and apply 1-2 times a day will speed skin healing.

good luck!

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I wrote this post, just wanted to clarify on the surface injury to the wart, you don't have to do major snipping and damage, just whatever you can tolerate to break through the surface skin...a few needle pokes, MINOR snip with some nail clippers, anything, and you don't have to go deep enough to bring blood. Just wanted to clear that up.
...and bleach whatever you used to do that with... and wash wash wash your hands!!!

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