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FYI--I am in the medical field.I am all for scientific or hollistic medicine, both are good.
I have been GW free for no miracle, sorry. just one of the lucky few, never had visible warts, had 1 cryo for cervical dyspasia, been clear since. I am currently battling flat warts on my arms and face.first true outbreak/problem with warts.been reading through these posts and got concerned about a lack of knowledge in cleanliness.
1. bleach water---alcohol does not kill the hpv virus, alcohol only kills lipid enveloped viruses. clean everything with bleach.remember to wipe down the toilet seat before and after use.
2. showers only---not sure of the true mechanisms but baths do increase speading. I use a shallow strong bleach water mix on days i need to shave, then shower.
3. shower daily with a salicyclic acne cleanser, psorisis shampoos are little more bang for your buck. this will help you to shed the most of your skin cells in the shower, you have to lather up and stay covered for a couple minutes before rinsing.
4. whatever treatment method you choose, both partners must be thoroughly checked and treated at the same time, also no skin contact with infected sites until both are cleared and skin is completely healed from treatment. condoms are not protective of hpv. strict abstinence until both persons are clear.

Sounds like most people are pretty on top of some effective treatments. Don't waste your good fortune, be CLEAN and prevent spreading.

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Is there anything you suggest about the ones inside the vaginal area? What strength is the bleach water? Thanks!


bleach water strength--I believe the Center for Dissease Control(CDC) recommends a ratio of 1:10, so for example of 1tsp bleach to 10tsp water. I prefer a little stronger but thats just me. anything after CDC standards is one's own journey.

internal warts--probably best left to the doctors, if you can't get to it easily and you can't possibly see all of those, there are too many natural skin folds inside to hide the warts. but if you gotta try, a douche or a tampon of acv a few times a day as long as you can stand it won't cause a major health problem, but I can't say it won't be messy and miserable, its a personal decision, just like this whole site is. be prepared for the irritation and healing time afterwards, just like the other treatments.


Thank you!

Ready for a Solution!

Curious if this worked??? I have been battling this for 2 years. I am married to the man that gave it to me, and being a very clean person this all but kills me! To be honest if I didn't love him as much as I do I would have never married him because of it. I have been treating the outside for a year with ACV and it works great. I would like to give the tampon with ACV a try, just want to know what that does. Also, any advice on how to convince my husband to try the remedies? This is really not a turn on and makes me sick at the thought of intercourse. But it's hard to point it out to him without hurting him.

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