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I got chiggers all over my legs and torso. i feel for anyone who has to deal with these horrible horrible creatures. i'm going to be very very honest here. nothing exactly works. the best thing i have done is to get a wash cloth and wipe alcohol all over my bites. i bought some chiggerex from wal-mart and it does soothe the itching initially but after the first use, it stops helping the itch. go to the doctor!!! they will give you a shot in the butt that will stop itching AND they will give you a mild anti-psychotic to help with the 'going crazy' feeling. believe me, i was where you're at not too long ago and it sucks. i felt like crying during the night because the itching woke me up all through the night. GO TO THE DOCTOR!!! it's the only thing that actually 'helps' there are things that you can do like the chiggerex and alcohol that are very very short term. GO TO THE DOCTOR!! you want that shot in you butt. trust me! it will make the itching stop for 48 hours. my friend had to go again after the 48 hours because it had worn off and she still had bites. good luck and know that you are not alone in the 'i want to cut my legs off' feeling. :-/

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The only choice is to go to the doctor ASAP and ask for a cortisone shot, oral steroids and a prescription strength topical cream. I was awake for three nights suffering before I went to the local urgent care. The shot took a full twelve hours to work and I am still itching slightly but am definitely on the mend. I also found soaking in a hot epson salt bath and swimming in my cold pool helpful. The experience was nothing short of AGONY. I don't care if the sulphur powder smells terrible, I won't ever risk dealing with chiggers again.


OhMyGod i have to say it is soooo comforting to see that other people have thought they were going crazy and wanted to chop their legs off - I AM THERE AND IT SUCKS. Evil bastards. The backs of my knees are covered and feel like they're on fire. The only thing that has helped - and just tinsy little bit - is a combo of bactine, listerine (a friend told me to try it and i was desperate), and benedryl cream. That trio helps for a couple hours. Chiggers are a weapon of mass destruction. They could bring a nation to it's knees. I HATE them. I am on day 3 so hopefully i'll be able to sleep tonight without wking up scratching almost til i bleed.


Mine started showing up yesterday. I slept maybe a few hours last night. Not too optimistic about tonight. I seriously feel like scratching my legs and feet off. They're in the crease between my butt cheek and leg too!! Tomorrow is Saturday, I might have to suffer through unless I want to cough up money for urgent care. :(


I am in agony right now. It is 4am and I am itching like crazy. Reading these posts really helps. At least I am getting a chuckle out of it. I have been using rubbing alchol to get some relief, but now my plan is to get the shot on Monday - tomorrow is Sunday - why do these things always happen on weekends.


I was in the frantic, desperate, clawing myself to death, hacking my legs off stage when I sat down to read the home remedies. I ended up trying the Blue Listerine and Vagisil remedies and ahhh, got some relief from the itching. I read every entry and then got to this one saying 'GO TO THE DOCTOR AND GET THE SHOT' and it was so well written and conveyed the desperation that I was feeling and gave me a good laugh, which was therapy in itself. I got over 200 bites all over my body and have been in misery. 3 hours of sleep a night and I look like I have German measles. I have an appointment tomorrow to 'GET THE SHOT.' After that I am going to search Craig's List for a surplus flame thrower and lay waste to the grassy area where I got into these evil parasitic satanic parasites.

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