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hey guys. first off, this forum is a real lifesaver, just knowing that there are so many people out there that have migranes like me is reassuring. god knows ive felt like a freak because i have them, but that's neither here nor there ...

my 'home remedy' suggestion is real straight-forward: pineapple!

pineapple was said to be a 'miracle' fruit, and upon some research, it seems to be. aside from hundreds upon hundreds of health benefits, i found that eating a serving of pineapple 1-2 times a day helps to relieve the symptoms of migranes. i've had them since i was 13, nothing seemed to help. for the last year, ive been doing the pineapple thing, and have since then seen an ENORMOUS drop-off in the severity and total number of migranes i get. really, its unbelieveable. now, whenever i go to the store, i make it a point to get either the cored pineapple, or the pre-cut, DOLE pineapple, both seem to work.eeded another reason to try!

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Would love to try this home remedy. I know it would stop my migraine, but it would stop my breathing too. I think this is the first i've heard of it and may be the only homeopathic method I havent tried. I've taken to crushed Bayer asprin 850 mg and massive doses of cold caffeine. Sometimes I add Bengay to my temples for and added distraction from the pain


It doesn't surprise me that pineapple might be helpful. It has large amounts of bromelain, which reduces inflammation. You can get bromelain in capsule form just about anywhere that sells supplements. It's often combined with quercetin, a natural antihistamine.


Haha to the 1st comment it would stop my breathing 2 figures the one food u can eat I would be allergic 2 it

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