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omg.. the painn is almost gone..

i stated having really bad tooth pain last night...
and i woke up this morning and it was unbearable.. i couldn't even get any of my school work done and i have class tomorrow....
i googled...

i first tried the Vannilla.. it helped a bit...

then i tried a peroxide and toothpaste mix.. and brushed affected area and it felt better but still hurt....
and i saw on here a TEA BAG.... ???

works wonders ( i tried a green tea bag.. no other flavoring)!!!!!

so now i have the string of a teabag hanging out of my mouth and an ice pack to the side of my cheek ... and i can finally do my school work!!!!

P.S. thank god i love green tea!!!

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Yes! part if my filling of my tooth came out and was in SUPER BAD PAIN! someone said grab a Tea Bag with in 3 minutes true relief within10 minutes it WORKS Like a type of Novocaine! Try it! It works! I still go to go to a dentist because I so not want to fill like pain like that again but I have been out of pain ever since, it been 3 days!


Do you boil the tea bag fist or just plain?

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