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Nothing was working on my daughter. I tried every creme I could think of and the tea baths people raved over. Then finally at a party I met a woman who told me about a German creme called Penaten Creme. This creme is simply amazing! One full day and the rash is almost completely gone. Thank God! It is hard to come by since it is a German remedy. But very much so worth the search!

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hi, i have a little guy and he is five and a half months old and has his first diaper rash. i live in canada and that is the only cream that we have :( and sadly it isnt working i have gone thru 2 cans of it already and still thhe same :( did u try anything else that worked a little?


Hi, I have a 6 year old, 3 year old and a 3 month baby. The first one had a rash that i would not go away and i have used everything i could lay my hands on. Then i went to a friends party and got this home remedy. This really works.

Sambok (Zambuck)the big tin.
Detol or Savelon ointment
Vicks med. size
Blue Seal Vaseline (big one)
Fissen bum cream.

This makes alot so get some extra tins. First warm (on slow)in a old pot on the stove, the vaseline till it looks like water then the Zumbuck also till it is dissolve completely then the vicks, detol or savelon ointment and then the fissen. Put this (still warm) in the extra tins. This must then cool at room temp. overnight.


When there its wet use dry treatment. Cornstarch is best. When your skin is dry use wet treatment desitin or creams

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