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For the whole weedend i was in pain with a wisdom tooth problem and taking paracetamol seemed to be working but only for like 1-3 hrs. I went to my fridge and i saw my childrens amoxycillin and i decided to take some of that, knowing that its a antibiotic, and i took 10 mils..after taking that the pain started to die down from a 9 to a 4 on the pain scale..then come monday i went to the dentist, got a quote, went to WINZ to get it paid for, went back and the seceptionist gave me a appointment for monday the following week, but also put me on the cancellation list, if someone cancelled then i can take that spot..they also gave me a prescription for Ibruprofen(pain killer) and Amoxycillin(antibiotic..they both worked for me and come monday i was pain free until after getting my wisdom tooth pulled..

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I was wondering, what is WINZ? You said you went to WINZ to get it paid for?

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