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Supercell Kid

I Just want to give people a warning and also a confirmation of a remedy.
Im qualified to give this advice as I suffered from depression for about 10 years, approx ten years ago. During that time I was convinced that I would end my life and I stopped showering, brushing my teeth, changing my cloths. This was because in death these things wont matter, or so i thought. I did not consider that one day I would want to live and enjoy life.
I couldn't be bothered cooking so I survived on comfort foods to make me feel better. Now I am brushing my teeth again, its almost too late, they are all rotten, broken off, and are being removed at a rate of 3 per month, before I get false teeth.
Here is the warning. For many years to deal with the pain of chronic toothache I took Anti inflammatory which seemed to work best for me, most of the time. The problem is that my pain was so bad that I often exceeded the recommended dosages by a lot. Tablets I am talking about are things like, Ibuprofen, Nurofen, Advil etc. In Australia we are recommended 2 tablets every 3 or 4 hours. I would take 3 or 4 tablets every 1 or 2 hours, around the clock, sometimes for 4 or 5 days in a row.
The result of this is that I now how the worst stomach ulcers you can imagine. This has reduced my quality of life in two ways. I get chronic indigestion that feels like I have a baseball in my throat (this is extremely painful)and no meds seem to ease it. There is also random nausea and vomiting, as well as Really bad stomach pains, and you cannot take Anti Inflammatory any more once you have really Bad Stomach Ulcers.
I have to be careful what I east as the smallest amounts of garlic, or chilly pr pepper flare up my ulcers terribly.
Given the cell damage that has occurred in my stomach, because of the ulcers, I will prolly have stomach cancer very soon.
I am not saying to not use Anti inflammatory, because they do work, but I am saying DO NOT ABUSE THEM, you will be sorry, VERY VERY SORRY!!!.
Only use them at the recommended way and do not use them for long periods.
Do not procrastinate about the dentists. If you pain Stops, YOU MUST, see the dentists anyway and get it removed. The pain will return, if your tooth becomes porous and breaks, the pain may be worse than ever. I have almost no teeth left, many are just nubs, there's only little more than the root left on most of them. the best thing to do is look after your teeth, before its too late. Once your enamel is gone, you will struggle to brush them enough to keep them from rotting away. PLEASE Trust me on this.
Try to use Clove oil or Local Anesthetic drops, such as Nyal Tooth drops, and many other brands, or a combination of both.
If You take anti inflammatory and it works, but only for short periods, try to alternate between Anti inflammatory and something else so that you are only taking them at prescribed intervals. Do what ever you can to avoid exceeding recommended dosages of Anti Inflammatory drugs. I hope your pain Stops.
I have had a broken finger, and had my nose broken 3 times. (Boxing) The pain of my worst toothaches has been worse than that pain. I think its largely because of where the tooth is located that makes it bad. Occasionally it has been unbearable. My Wife Suffers the most when I have a bad tooth ache as I am literally like a bare with a sire tooth. So if your pain stops and you wont see the dentists for you, then see the dentists for the people you live with, as they have to suffer your grumpiness or whinging and wining. LOL. You will be so much better off once you have the tooth removed.
I can no longer eat steak, or whole fruits or vegetables (except soft kinds) I am so looking forward to false teeth. Can you believe it, my teeth are so bad, I look forward to False Teeth. Trust me, dont let your bad teeth get out of control. Care for them before It is way too late. As well as that it makes your breath Stink and makes you look ugly as ****.


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Why did you choose to live again?


I agree people are so rude. Why would you go on a site to fix your toothache and put somebody down in the process. I am only 21 years of age and I have very bad teeth, due to drug use and lack of oral hygiene. But I will try these remedies and hope you are doing better in your life friend.

Jinilee Campbell

I'm so sorry that your life has been so hard for you. When I hear your story the saying comes to mind, 'there but by the Grace of God go I'. Your story could just as easily have been one of ours. God Bless You with all the good things in life you've been missing and thanks for sharing your story.


Thanks for sharing! Ignore the cold hearted piece of crap sob's that made the very rude comments, they have to be sum really crappy people & not happy with themselves to say such awful things! It's people like that that makes our world unpleasant to live in!


Glad your.alive and hoping your tooth feels better. Stefanie


Iam Glad you Chose LIFE...


I can understand some of your problems-not brushing teeth, etc.-and I am glad to see that you have chosen LIFE. We are all here for a short time and need to remember that God--Emmanuel--is with us. Whatever problems afflict us in this life whatever hardships or spiritual distress we find ourselves in, we can turn to Christ Jesus Who sanctified suffering. He is close to those who suffer and are broken-hearted. He is close to those who are poor in spirit. Whatever we suffer in this life we can take solace in knowing that Jesus Christ--Emmanuel--has suffered moreso for our entrance into eternal life.


I hope that you ignore the IDIOTIC people on here who insult you when you are being honest about something so personal and painful in your life. I too have severe stomach ulcers and have had surgery to remove a third of my stomach because the ulcer was bleeding and would not stop even with medication. I now can't eat a lot of foods because of this, I have stomach pain and have to live on medications such as Prilosec and others just for my stomach. I did not get my ulcer from over medicating or from being an alcoholic (which is a common reason for ulcers) but I have to live with this forever, not to mention I am 35 and I have a scar from my belly button all the way up to my breasts. Just wanted to say I know and feel your pain and please ignore the stupid people in the World and be happy that you want to live and love life again. As for tooth pain, the only thing that seems to help me is Clove Oil or taking a shot of whiskey or rum and holding it in my mouth on the 'bad' tooth for as long as possible and then spitting it out, don't swallow it, especially if you are taking pain medication. Good luck to everyone and thank you for your post which is here to HELP others!


I read in an herb book that licorice root can heal ulcers. you get the de-glycyrrhizinated kind so that it doesn't cause fluid retention. Also, probiotics may help, like in yogurt or acidophilus capsules with other probiotics.


Thank you so much for posting this warning. I, too, am suffering with a bad tooth. I have a dental appt. tomorrow, but that doesn't help the pain today. I have tried many of the remedies on these pages, but experienced little to no relief. I have been taking 2-600mg Ibuprofen and 1-5/500mg Vicodin swallowed by about 1 cup of Bourbon. I did this 3 times a day! This has helped the pain, but last night I begin experiencing stomach pains, so bad that, at one point, I thought I might be having a heart attack. So, I will back of of the Ibuprofen, and just gut it out with clove oil and the temporary filling preparation you find in the drugstore.
Once again, thank you for your post.

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