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'Debbie D.'

I'm afraid what many of you are describing is not an everyday boil but what I've been dealing with for 22 years (but it took a good dermatologist to diagnose it about 18 years ago). It's a disease called HIDRADENITIS SUPPURATIVA. That's what the professionals call it; I call it 'my nasty little disease.' If you get boil-like lesions in your armpits and/or in the groin area, you may very well be dealing with this malady. In my experience, most regular doctors know little to nothing about it. The only prescription that comes close to helping me is Cipro (yes, the anti-anthrax pill), and even it doesn't work 100% of the time. I am searching this website today because I have a lesion that appeared about 3 MONTHS ago that won't drain - it's about the size of the tip of my thumb, so it's not 'small potatoes.' I'm going to try some of the most-often successful treatments recommended here and will let y'all know if anything worked for me. In the meantime, do an internet search for Hidradenitis suppurativa and see if that's what you've got (pray to God you don't, but you want to know something about H.I.D.E. if you indeed have it). Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but knowledge is power, they say.

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I have this nasty little disease too!! Wreaks havoc on me a few times a year. NOT fun and not much that can be done about it!!


I'm guessing this is my problem because they last forever, are large and hurt so bad. My dr wont give me anything at all to help he just says time will take care of it, but hes not the one that has pain everytime something rubs against it. If you have any helpful tims or anything at all that might help PLEASE let me know!! Thanks!


thank you - never heard of this before and thanks to you now i know what have moreso than sebaceous cysts


Tea tree oil soap! Use it everyday, throw away any other brand of soap you use and this will control the problem. I found out about this about a year ago and no more problems. Check your healthfood store and stock up!


tyvm for mentioning this... i have not checked yet, but i have a sneaking suspicion that this is what i have been suffering from basically since puberty - I'll be 30 in march, so yeah... terrible... the sores don't always get huge, but far more often than i'd like. and nothing i've tried up to now has done more than help with an individual sore - no long term 'cure'... anyway, thanks


HD is truly awful. I've had it since I was born, so it's a 'normal' thing to me; I wish nothing but the best to those who develop it later in life.

One antibiotic I tried did wonders for a few years--minocyclin. It's not only an antibiotic, but also an anti-inflammatory medicine. As I said, it stopped working after a while, but this may not be the case for everyone. While it worked, flare-ups were minimal, and the blackheads and odd little cysts that frequently occur with HS went away. I strongly urge anyone with HS to try this. Just stock up on acidophilus, because it will wreak havoc on your intestinal bacteria otherwise!


For the individual who has the Dr. who won't do anything--- CHANGE DOCTORS!!! IF you can, go to a dermatologist. If not, a good 'family doctor' will be sure to help. No one should suffer unnecessarily when relief is there to help.

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