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My husband has persistent leg pain and we were told to place a bar of regular soap that you would use in the shower under our bed sheets. I thought this was one of the craziest ideas, but we tried it. He's been without leg pain for quite sometime now. It really works.

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I have yet to try it, but my Mother and Sisters swear by it.


how do cut in piece soap I really need know asap..??


can u pls explain it properly?


Where under your sheet do you put it?


@ Fran : I would think you would place the soap under the sheets around where your legs would be??

Maybe! Try it!

Henry, Australia

Place the soap inside an old sock and tie close the open end. Keep the sock with soap between your legs below the knees when sleeping. Replace sock with a new one once a year. Use a true, old fashioned soap, not pharmaceutical type. Will stop leg pains and cramps because it is alkaline.


So i have to use a new piece or bar or a aop or a used one

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