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Mix honey and cinnamon powder, apply where needed, then cover with a band-aid

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Actuallly this home remedy does work. When ever i get bad acne I just get some honey mix it with cinnamon and it really works. Next day your going to see the results.....keep using it until your bad acne goes away ..... And the most important thing about this remedy is that it leaves your face really soft and it smells good!!!!!! trust me it works


There's nothing like the reielf of finding what you're looking for.


can you use any kind of honey and cinnamon?


for how long


this works i use whatever honey i have and cinnamon. i normaly heat up the honey for 4 seconds, to make it easyer to apply to the face. i add the cinnamon and mix it into a past then i apply where needed. then i leave it for 10-15 minutes. you dont want to leave it on for to long or it becomes hard to come off. then you have an amazingly clean feeling face. make sure though that you clean all the honey of, or dirt sticks to it and cloges your pores more.

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