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If you have an extremely minor case of this and you are at the legal age:

-2 Shots of straight vodka (or if you're light weight, just one shot)
-1 Small bottle of 'You C1000 Vitamin Orange' (found in local convenience stores or in Continental Stores, since it is Japanese)
-Lots of fresh tropical fruit (especially pine apple).

Rest rest rest.
Repeat the above everyday (the vodka only ONCE)and seek help from your local GP (General Pharmacy) in the time being.

-Remember, even though it hurts like somebody is stabbing your throat every time you swallow, EAT. Fruit and stuff with LOTS of Salt and Vitamins in it are the best. You need to treat your body very well while it is so ill, it makes your immune system much stronger.

Good luck xx

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Ur dumb

Gp is general practitioner


Thank very helpful xoxo

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