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I did a 3 step cure on myself about 20 minutes ago.

STEP 1. Grab yourself a cup of drinkable warm water (not so you burn your tongue and tonsils off) and sip it slowly and in small amounts.

STEP 2. IF YOU HAVE IT get some Gatorade/ Powerade powder pour some into a cup and mix with water- drink a cup of that slowly [Orange is extra good because of the 'Vitamin C'

STEP 3. Grab a teddy bear and put some warm clothes on, then sit in your bathroom on the floor in front of the toilet. Make yourself vomit OR just spit a lot into the bowl your body will feel like it NEEDS to get rid of what is in side you and it will start the digestion process quicker. (that is sooooo unhealthy, but it works).

if that doesn't work-

Go to your nearest Continental Convenience Store (or if you're cool and live in Indonesia, just go to a Circle K) and grab 2 small bottles of 'You C1000 Vitamin orange' [or lemon, if you'd prefer] and drink them, they are carbonated a tad so it will make you burp a bit but golly gosh that works.

I swear that's the only stuff I drink.

Get better soon my fellow friend xx

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Really make yourself vomit thats got to be the worst I heard on here so far. Like yes maybe it will work, but your damaging yourself by doing that.


Seriously? I was devastated hearing my 11 year old daughter talk about sitting in front of the toilet to make herself vomit. You must be out of your mind to make such a suggestion!!!


that is the absolute worst thing i have EVER heard

someone with sense

dont sit here and talk bad about her suggestion. making yourself vomit when you have a stomach ache does help alot. when i have a really bad stomach ache i do this. your body is probably gonna get rid of it one way or another anyway whether it be making you vomit later on or by diarrhea. making yourself body speeds up the process and lets you avoid the agony while you wait to vomit. and no i dont do this all the time because i dont have stomach aches all the time. so dont say its bad because its not, shes not bulemic. there is a difference. try this it works, i do disagree with one thing she says tho, dont drink anything before you vomit, that will make vomitting more painful, just vomit, wait a few minutes then sip on some soda. you should feel way better. i always do.


yeah i agree it does help relieve the pain!


When I was pregnant I battled morning sickness with each one of our children and it was the morning sickness that went on all day. I could hardly even take of our other older children during my third pregnancy because it got so bad. I tried everything and there was not a thing I could find that helped in the least bit. Watched what I ate and try to keep food in my stomach at all times. None of it worked, then I met my angel! The sweet elderly woman at the grocery store. We got talking and i told her about the hard time I was having. She told me to wake up and drink a glass of water as hot as I could stand it and as fast as I could. She told me to get ready because it was about to come right back up and it did. When it came back up I could see all the bile that was building in my stomach everyday and making me so sick. It was the first day that I did not throw up all day. I did not have an eating disorder and I was not harming myself by making myself throw up. I was already throwing up everyday and all day long. This made me throw up less, because once it was out it was and I could be normal all day long. people need to relax and not jump to so many conclusions. Nobody was telling anybody to go and stick there finger down their throat and that they should do it regularly to lost weight. It was purely innocent and totally taken wrong. Many blessings,

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