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Hi guys. Finding this site has given me hope that I don't have t rely on pills all th time, so thank you everyone very very much.
Okay. So th thing is i've had rls for 5years. I'm 16 now. I don't get why it's so severe. I don't drink coffee, nope, no alcohol, no smoking. Not anaemic, no one I know has it. Not genetic, coz I know caucasians are more likely t get it. I'm singaporean.

Anyway this yr I googled 'uncomfortable sensations in legs' and was shocked t find there was actually a name for this shit. Problem is my parents REFUSED t believe me. At all! my dad is a doctor. But he refuses to believe me. Makes me think he's useless sometimes.

5days ago I went t a neurologist (stupid parents finally believed me after an article on it came out on a medical mag) and he prescribed me 0.5mg clonazepam. I can finally sleep without desperately twisting my legs in awkward directions for 1hour. But I can still feel it bubbling underneath. Like, not enough t bother me but still there.

So i'll really like to get off the pills. I get th notion that whatever doctor I consult is gonna shove me with more pills. I've tried going to a tweena (uhm, chinese chiropractor?), chiropractor, blood test... Nth. As I said i'm asian and it's apparently not common here.

Out of 5years of sleep th only night I could truly sleep was when my mum was massaging my legs th entire time until I fell asleep. Unfortunately, no one is willing t massage my legs.

So please please tell me what I can do other than pills. I'm still young, I don't want to rely on pills all my life.

So far, i've found no remedies. Stretching definitely helps -for awhile. Th best way i've found is to do as much of a split you can do and stay like that for as long you can endure. But it's terribly shortterm.

Anyone can help me? Please email me-

And keep fighting guys it's th WORST shit ever. I'd rather have pain, actually. At least you can deal with pain.

God help us all.

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I tend to stretch and massage and go crazy cuz i cant make the rls stop. I agree stretching helps but only momentarily and then its back


A hot tub bath, with legs immersed, will often relieve moderate symptoms. If I forget to take my medication on time, I do this until the meds kick in.


You all need to try the soap..i have SUFFERED with RLS for years and being a diabetic dragged in cramps and nerve damage..i would either roll, kick and fuss allll night, hoping from each bed or couch in the house OR take some heavy muscle relaxers in order to sleep which of course made me useless in the morning..this was my nightlife every night for at least 3 yrs with no relief whatsoever..2 weeks ago i was told to put a bar of soap under my sheet close to my legs..i thought this was the most idiotic thing i have ever heard but did it anyway..i went to bed that night and placed it between my calves..the most amazing thing happened! i fell asleep instantly and woke up in the same position the next morning with the same results each day..pls jus try cant hurt..

Ginny V

I've had rls for many years: it comes and goes. I don't know what causes it because even though some obvious causes were eliminated (Benadryl, decongestants, Reglan, Promethazine), something keeps the horrible crawly feeling and twitching coming back. It just keeps bubbling under my skin. I'm going to try the bar of soap although it sounds weird. Ive tried Hylands herbal Restful Legs and Leg Cramp pills, but they don't always work. My doctor requires a sleep study before he will order any remedy. Why is this so hard? I guess the sleep study is next. I hope we all find some relief.

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