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1 cup baking soda
1/4 cup water
Clean and clear body wash
Pour one cup backing soda in bowl mix in water till a wet sand consistency.then add body wash just a lil eyeball it. It will be watery. Before you go to sleep put a thin layer on (make sure it doesn't run off) and put the rest in a holding mechanism or in fridge. I did this for a month and mine are gone.

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put up some pics that sounds wack!


Post pictures please! I need to see proof of this miracle! (Before and afters if possible!) Thanks!

Nini *

I washed mine every morning with radox smooyhie bodywash, and it helped aloooot! though you can still see it when the sun shines on it


Okey let me try, I will inform you if it really works


Did it work


I'm trying it tonight!


did it wuk?


iwith hot or cold water, i realy wanna try it.thanks


how long will it take for these scars to vanish?

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