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noticed about 6 wheels on my inner thigs right in the crease thought to myself omg please dont let it get on my nani looked it up online this is what i did in 2 days it was gone first i cleaned the area with a mixture equal parts iodne and alcohol then cleaned it again with clorox im not gonna lie it stung bad then dried the area completly then painted all the wheels with clear nail polish and waited till it dried then baby powder on top kept applying powder throught the day next night i removed the nal polish with polish remover this stung really bad then repeated the entire process like i said in 2 days they were completly gone my skin was raw from all the stuff so for the next 2 days i put lotion and neosporin on the area i swear this is what i did and this is how wonderful it worked good luck

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omg terrible for you!


oh no not tha 'NANI' !!!!!!!!!!!!

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