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OMGosh! I completely agree with the last person to comment! PLEASE DO NOT USE VINEGAR IN YOUR EAR!!! I AM A GROWN WOMAN AND IT HURT ME SO BADLY THAT I CRIED!!! I don't know who thins this is okay, but I am in more pain now than I was prior to visiting this site...PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS, IT IS HORRIBLE PAIN, AND I HAVE GIVEN BIRTH MULTIPLE TIMES!!!

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Vinegar can be used to remove excessive ear wax from your dogs ear so in theory if you had an ear wax build up you could use it for that. I don't see it being good for any inflammation of the ear. I used it on sunburn ONCE, NEVER again.


Is there anyway at all of making this comment go above the vinegar one!?!?!?! i was trying them in order and i used the vinegar b4 i saw this an now i feel like i'm dying!!! AHHH!


My Dr told us to put 1 part rubbing alcohol and 1 part vinegar in a small containor and put drops of that in our ears when we get swimmers ear.


thats why you dilute it...juss sayin


? not that bad if worse than childbirth then thats a cakewalk...


Only a bored 14 year old boy would say 'I have given birth multiple times!' A real mother would have said 'I have several children!' Go somewhere else, you punks.
You are transparent.

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