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I am taking 800mg of Ibuprofen, some vikoden and a antibiotic for a abcessed tooth. I am going to the Dentist to have the tooth pulled but have to wait till the infection is gone. Every time I have had to take a high dose of Ibuprofen I get mouth ulcers and they hurt like crazy. So I just tried using Sore Throat Spray. Man it took away all the pain.I just sprayed like 5 times in my mouth and swished it around and let it sit for about 30 seconds and spit it out and man it really helps. Hope this helps everyone else. No going to the store to buy something expensive just go to your medicine cabinet and there it is.

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The throat spray really worked! I get mouth sores frequently and have spent so much money on orajel, it tastes bad and doesn't seem to help the pain for very long. I sprayed some chloraseptic and I have been pain free for several hours. Thanks!


I saw this and i was kinda afraid to try it cuz it sounded to me like it wld burn rly bad. does it not?

Maekayla Nicole

Tryed this for my Uslr or whatever its called it worked but got some on my tounge): lol Thank you!

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