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I have very thick, very curly hair, so most of the treatments mentioned never worked for me. I have a few tried and true remedies that have worked wonders over the years.
1. Mayo.
I have used this method many times over the years when my lovely younger siblings brought me the gift of lice home from school. First, take a jar of mayo. (Doesn't need to be Kraft, it can be a generic off-brand you can buy at a dollar store for a buck.) And using a spatula, completely douse your head in the mayo. Cover with TWO plastic hairnets, (Roughly $2.00 for a pack of eight at Family Dollar,) and sleep on it overnight.
The mayo IS greasy. You may have to wash your hair two, or even three times to completely restore it.
The hairnets WILL, and I mean, WILL slip off when you're sleeping. mayo-ed pillowcases are bad! Wear TWO!
You will most likely despise the smell of mayo for about a year. :)
Lastly, we all know what happens when you leave mayo out of the refrigerator. It turns brown and greasy. Yet another downside.
However, it kills ALL live bugs, and makes the hair oily enough after just one shampoo to slide the nits out with just your fingernails.
2. Cholesterol Treatment
I honestly can't believe I haven't seen this here.
A cholesterol treatment, (almost a cream,) can be bought from Family Dollar for about $4.00.
It's a product mainly marketed to African-American hair.
Like the mayo, slather it on, and cover it up for 8-10 hours.
Unlike the mayo treatment, the cholesterol actually smells nice, rinses clean, and leaves your hair looking better than it did before.
The one downside is the price. It's a bit more expensive, but you will still be able to stomach mayo, which makes up for it.
I strongly suggest the cholesterol treatment over the mayo, and also add some tips for both:
For children:
Don't let them scratch!! It WILL itch, but poking holes in the showercap just leads to the pesky little bugs escaping.
Do this on a Friday night. You will have to wash hair more than once, as well as give time to remove dead nits, and dead bugs.
For adults:
Don't scratch!! :)
Be sure to leave it on for 8-10 hours.
Any more, it'll cake and leave goop, and any less,it will be pointless. You won't kill the bugs and you'll have greasy hair for no reason.
Don't give any doubt to any unhatched nits. Don't give the infestation time to come back.
Hope this helps!!

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I hope this works!!! My kids are sleeping soundly with thier mayo coated heads...I have spent 5 days trying different shampoo and today I spent 5 hours combing out nits. Have ony found nymphs and nits. No adult lice so hoping we are at the end of this battle :)

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