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My boyfriend had warts all over his fingertips. Around the nail bed. One was so bad and deep rooted it was affecting his nail and it was becoming dis figured. He had them frozen several times, was using duct tape and was filing them till they bled. The gp had told him he would be stuck with them for a while.
So i ordered some apple cider vinegar from a farm. A cloudy kind with 'the mother' in.
We started treament straight away. Every evening id soak a small cotton wool piece. Enough to cover wart. Cover with a plaster and id put some tape over. First night no pain, but some nights he couldnt sleep they burned quite bad. After about a week for the big one it went black, we carried on. Then on a few occasions we forgot to do the treatment. The area was still swollen so it was hard to see the progress. But all of a sudden he turned to me and they were all gone. The skin around the biggest was normal again. He thinks its a miracle, and cant wait to show his gp!
My advice is persevere with it, if its going black carry on and give your finger chance to breath every day.

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I have been doing the ACV treatment on 2 large warts around my fingernails for 11 days. I have black scabs around the warts, but they haven't fallen off yet. How will I know when the scabs are ready to fall off? Also, did he put the ACV on the holes after the warts fell off or did he just let the skin heal? Thanks for your help!

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