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I have read all these home remedies and I wanted to share a news story aired just the other day; a man experienced a terrible toothache and could not afford a dentist so he went to the local ER and got 2 prescriptions for pain and one for antibiotics so he could only afford one and went for the pain meds and the infection spread through his gums to his brain and killed him so this is a true story and I say be very careful and take antibiotics first and then deal with the pain!!

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that was a bad decision then you only temporaliy get rid of the pain and the infection is spreding and you can die from brain abcess


No shit I have a couple holes in my teeth all on the lower right side a couple weeks ago I went to the dentist to get them looked at becuz the pain was so bad I couldn't sleep so they did a root scale n planning I think its called becuz my gums always bleed n they couldn't do anything until it went down so after that it was still hurting so I went to the walk in n they have me hydros n sum stuff to numb my mouth they worked 4 a bit but after I used both prescriptions my stomach starter to hurt n it feels like sum one punched me in the side of the head I'm ready to kill somebody


yea well.....thats why our pharmacy makes you fill both of them, especially bcuz the doctors around here will write both prescriptions on one script, so they can keep people from doing that...especially the people that fake it just to get the pain pills......and if the dr. prescribes you something you can't afford then call them back and ask them is there any cheaper antibiotic that will can even do this with the e.r. dr's b-cuz ive had to call several times and tell them to change mine because the antibiotics they prescribed were like $180 kinda funny cuz after i called to get a cheaper script they wrote me out one that cost $17....


Thats alot easier said than done!

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