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Im not sure if you would call this a remedy but anyway. I have suffered with blocked ears when I get a cold for as long as I can remember. I once saw a doctor who told me that the key to it was my throat. So when my ears are really blocked and driving me insane I find relief by either drinking cold water with ice cubes or a good old slurpee from 7 Eleven. Wait a minute or two then hold your nose and blow and your ears will pop. My only reasoning behind this is that the ice must reduce swelling in the throat enough to allow the pressure to be released from the ear passage way. I hope this helps someone

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My ears are blocked now for more than a week i just read the one comment that if i drink something and close my nose it will help. i just did that and it worked for one minute and the next minute it went back to how it was before one ear is still blocked. Whatshould i do....please help

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