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PLEASE do NOT use vinegar for ear infections. I tried it on my 14 month old baby and he screamed non-stop for about 30 minutes. He was literally shaking with pain as he held his hand to his ear. He only stopped crying when we put some prescribed numbing drops in his ear to ease the pain. The only thing that has worked on him is antibiotics and tubes. I really want parents to know that you will willfully inflict pain on your baby if you try this and it is the worst experience to be the cause of pain to your baby. I listened to these blogs and I hope to prevent another parent from doing the same thing. Go to the doctor.

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I can't believe you did that your baby. You should have known better.


That is crapy of you to say that to someone that was trying to help their child!

Rev. Dave

Re Comment #1: I can't believe you said that to a mother trying to help her baby. You should have known better.


poor baby.. do better research before you try something on your child mama. there are other natural solutions that are pain free. most ear infections do not need tubes or antibiotics.


My mom used to put vinegar in my ear when I was a kid, but the trick is to warm it up first. Another thing she used was the oil you can buy for swimmers ear at the pharmacy.


your an idiot.


the spelling is you're, so before you label someone at least get the delivery correct. I really hope your baby is doing better and maybe next time you can use another homeopathic remedy because antibiotics don't strenghen his/her immune system :( I would freak out too if i unknowingly caused my baby pain, horrible experience i'm sure.


Did you dilute the vinegar when used it? My grandmother use to use vinegar in mine when it was late at night, it never hurt me, but she diluted it with warm water, and would nuke it in the microwave for like 10 seconds...

Also, some of you people are rude, no need to call people names, just shut your traps if you cannot be helpful. Things work better on different people. Sometimes people have the right idea, they just do not do it correctly. No reason to be rude.


bunch of idiots commenting mothers don't purposely try 2hurt their kids mayb some do but in her case we know she wasn't in a time of desperation ur kids crying u try sum1 sugests why does every1 always act like they've never done shit like they're perfect I'm here reading cuz my son currently n pain


cant believe you hurt your baby child like that. you should of know better.

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