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Dab toothpaste on the trouble areas (the white kind not gel) let stay on over night and in the morning wipe off with a alcohol soaked cottonball. Do several times until acne is gone

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This remedy is waste of time if you suffer from cystic acne.


This remedy is STUPID u shud never use alcohol it makes ur skin even worse......and toothpaste onestly i think is a really stupid remedy.


Toothpaste does work for minor acne problems but you cant just use it one time and exspect it to clear you up just like that. It doesnt make them disapear it brings them to a head so you can get rid of it


I am a Medical-Biological student and here's my two cents regarding the issue. Toothpaste is one of the dumbest approaches I have ever seen regarding acne. It doesn't cure acne and, in fact, worsens the problem. Toothpaste contains a drying agent which seems to dry the pimple up. However, this is detrimental to the skin especially. The more toothpaste you apply, the dryer your skin gets and the more prone it is to further pimple outbreaks.


for the people saying that the toothpaste does not work, well maybe not for them I am 31 and I have been useing toothpaste for years as well as all of my friends and for me and them it really does work. It may not get them to be gone in tne morning but it does reduce the size and they will be gone a lot faster!!!


i used to use toothpaste and i found that it worked very well. but now i use a creme called 'Clear-Zit' and it basically does the same thing. i love it!!!

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