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converse lover

I have had this wart on my left foot for as long as i can remember. I recently just got out of the shower and noticed it was a grayish black color and soft so i began to clip at it with nail clippers. After i didnt see any of the grayish black i put a clear coat of nail polish over top of it. Not to sure if this will work but heres hoping cause I really don't want to try the ACV treatment cause i already have enough pain in my freaking double jointed joints ( only 16 and tend to over extend all my joints without realizing what im doing, so anymore pain will prob drive me up the wall) Ill write back if this works or not.

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Scares on my heel!

I had planters warts on my heel of one foot went to foot doc. after being stupid and letting her blow torch it three different times and then sending me to a plasitc surg. to have it lazered. I spent a small fortune on all new shoes socks and doc bill. Then I read an article in my local paper from a nurse saying try some bleach(clorox) mixed with some water and soak it once a day till it is gone.Beware to much bleach will burn your skin so use 1-2 cap full and then add water! Well I gave it a try and it worked!! within two weeks all was gone!! Wish I would have known that and saved 5 grand in my pocket!!

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