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I used to suffer from occassional RLS but since I was diagnosed with sleep apnea over a year ago I have had 0 problems. I received a CPAP machine that has truly changed my life for the better. If you are a snorer, wake up tired and with migraines you should ask your doctor abt whether you may have sleep apnea. Just a theory...

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Love it!!


Sarah of Michigan

My dad has sleep apnea and uses that machine, but he still has rls. I'm searching the web for help.


I have RLS and sleep apnea and I too have a CPAP machine. The two are not related. If you are getting relief, my guess is that the CPAP is allowing you to sleep deeply enough that you can sleep through the RLS. I do not know how old you are, but as you get older and the RLS gets worse, you will once again suffer from the RLS.

As for me, being attached to the CPAP hose as I toss turn and roll just complicates a miserable situatuion. Also turning the machine off and on all night because I have to get up and walk around adds another delightful aspect to the ordeal. However if I am to benefit from the little sleep I get, I have to wear the CPAP.

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