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Two days ago I had an ear infection, growing quickly. My ear canal hurt badly, I had a sore throat, and my head was so tender I couldn't touch it and it was shooting with pain. That night, I took echinacea tincture and ate two cloves of raw garlic, and got a good night's sleep. By morning I was about 80% better. I repeated the echinacea and garlic and by last night was back to normal. I also take a lot of probiotics in my diet (yogurt and kefir, which I make at home), so I'm sure that helped me weather the infection when it came. Luckily no need for a doctor! I read that one clove of raw garlic has 1/5 the antibiotics of a dose of penecillin. I ate it wrapped in a piece of bread to help with the taste and stinging on my sore throat. Echinacea tincture I took 30 drops every 4 hours or so. Hope this helps!

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Alison Davies

I was just wondering whether this remedy would work for me? Apparently I have an inner ear infection which at the moment doesn't hurt! I am flying in a weeks time and am really worried as I had severe pain in my ears the last time I flew. I am completely deaf in my left ear and from this morning also in my right ear! I have just bought some echinacea and some probiotics to take. Would this work for me? I am desperate to try anything!!

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