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So I had a filling replaced...and that filling fell out leaving a large gapping black whole under it. Root Canal? Cant afford now I have pain like everywhere. I had some old AsperGum that I have been chewing on and then putting it in the whole...WoW what a relief !! I hope they still make it?? Im going on a hunt for it tmrw...

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A friend's roommate had an abscessed tooth for about a week and it was Labor Day weekend. His Left eye looked like he had a shiner. The pharmacist I consulted said he would need antibiotics. Remember it was LABOR DAY weekend.
These sites had some interesting remedies. I told him about the cloves. One suggested a sterile needle and poke, OUCH. Another suggestion is 2 teaspoons sea salt and 32 oz of water will not just clean the mouth but help the body FLUSH waste. Give yourself about 45 minutes AFTER finishing it to see it begin. Check Master Cleanser and Stanley Burroughs.

The roommate took 2 Tablespoons, a bit much and nothing moved. Over the counter meds made him feel dizzy.

I put him on the couch and I did pressure point work. I began around the inner eyebrow, went to the outside edge, the temple and circled around the lower part of the eyebrow and cheek. Inflammation and tenderness was evident. The next crucial step is for the person in pain to take his breath comfortably and as deep as possible, and continually, can you say belly!!! The bigger the breath, the quicker the cleaning. Daniel for the most part was down to the middle of the lung, hey it is better than shallow breathing.

Anyway he began to drain that day. Improvement was seen before I stopped. Monday it was like he forgot about the problem, the inflammation went away.

ANY PAIN if you can pinpoint the vicinity practice the basic pressure point, practice breathe, try moving the muscle, SAY FLUSH.
PAIN means ischemia aka no blood, anemia produced by obstacle in blood flow.
IF pain means no blood HEALING would suggest BLOOD can make body better.

Ye who has the most blood wins! Consider that

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