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Tony Snesko

8 years ago I was borderline high blood pressure at 140/100. The doctor was about to prescribe high blood pressure medicine when I heard someone on the radio recommending eating celery every day. I hate eating celery so I tried juicing one bunch of celery and an apple every other day and for the past 8 years my blood pressure has been averaging 124/82. It also helps you sleep if you juice celery in the evening.

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Something else you can do if you don't like celery is to put it in a smoothie. Regular blenders may not work, but if you have a Vitamix or a NutriBullet (I think it's called), they blend smooth as can be. Mix the celery with other veggies like tomatoes, maybe green pepper, cilantro, basicly like the V8 juice, & it tastes just like it.


How do you make it in to joice?

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