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The more I read these, the more I feel like a failure... I am so depressed, scared to tell my husband, can't afford the rx meds and in pain! Crying my eyes out because I feel alone, but I know I'm not because of all this information here. Why don't we take care of our bodies when we have the chance? I hope my daughter or son never has sex, and I know that's a selfish thing to say, but the world is a evil place. I'm going to try these ideas and struggle to even think I have to do this, but I'm lost... I know prayers works, I hope it does before I die.

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Keep your head up! I'm in the same boat you're in. I cry all the time too! But it will get better, it has to. I refuse to let this virus take all of my joy. Tell your husband. He'll probably be more supportive than you think.


yeah...this from a male adult with it too. ur not alone. its a wonder how u got it tho.....i got mine from my ex and shared it with my gf. now we have it...but we dont let it take us down. we are still fun loving, happy and full of smiles and laughter. the thing that scares everyone most is their dirty secret being disclosed...but also their sexual independence if they were alone...the fear of not finding a disease free person...someone clean. i get down sometimes bc so many ppl are clean and loving their sex life...i still have a great sex life with my gf...and we even love sex so much that we are considering having another female join if you are pretty, sexy, and have no other disease...and u want to still enjoy life's BEST pleasure, then we can talk.

Hillary 20yrs Old

I know exactly how you feel. It is so hard not to cry. I kept thinking somehow I would just be able to save up and somehow afford a doctor one day and then it would be okay but the second I read, ' it is a disease you will have for life' it started echoing in my head and it was all I could hear as I started balling my eyes out. I don't know what to do. How to keep going and go to work and smile when the only thought in my head is that I am diseased and I'll never get better and I could have spread it, how do you tell people that, I'll never again be able to just go out and talk to someone and be carefree. All I'll be able to think is I can't do anything because I could disease him. I feel like I will always be alone now.


No...there is no reason to cry. No reason to be ashamed...anyone can get it...even the best of us. I am 26yrs now and I am a man. I gave that shit to my gf...she was none too happy about it but we are in a serious relationship and we don't plan on being alone anyways so all we have to do is live with u ladies are not alone. There are even sites for people with things. The thought may echo in your mind but you still have ur life and u are actually still very healthy...depending on the lifestyle u live that is. My gf and I are even considering another female for fun and enjoying if you want partner(s), you dont have to look so hard like u might think.


keep your head, just pray about it and god will carry you through,


Think of it this way: 1 in 4 people has this disease!!!! That means every 4 people you see 1 of them has it. . . If someone is dating 25% chance is that person already HAS the disease.


All you can do is try your best to relieve your symptoms. I am having my first attack too and am going MAD with the symptoms. The best I have found so far is to keep taking the painkillers every 4 hours ( I never normally take these) and to sit in a cold shallow bath when I am desperate. Also every time I go to theloo, I use a cold wet piece of kitchen towel to dab myself with. It helps a lot. As to the thought of the virus - it is in your body but it is not YOU. YOu don't have to define yourself by a virus. Someone gave this to you. IT takes 2. I don't know who gave me this - but suspect its been dormant for a very long time. Cheer up. The symptoms apparently get better.


eat raw garlic as often as possible its a natural antiviral.


i was infected with HSV-2 this year July 1, by an ex. boyfriend i keyed his car in high school. i guess revenge is sweet>>> i just had my second child prior to my infection march 30 of this year, crazy how shit comes at you 60miles an hour! now i can not have sex with my kids father, scared for him to find out. he'll just call me a hoe, even though were not together. i kind thought i was going to die when i was in the ER where i was diagnosed thought it was symptom of HIV im negative for that thank GOD. so were do i go from here my bagage:24yrs, 2kids, herpes simplex 2.


OMG! I feel your pain, but it's really not as bad as it seems. I've had HSV2 for 15yrs. The first outbreak is the worst. Everyone after that is not ad painful, and if u take good care of yourself, not as frequent. Without mess I've averaged about 2 outbreaks a year. Stressing about it, makes it happen more by itself, so try to get 'Oh no! I have herpes!' out of ur head. And get 'How are we gonna fight this thing?!' in.
1. Take ur vitamins! A malnourished body nurtures nothing but sickness. Vitamins C, and Zinc helps keep ur immune system strong.
2. Exercise! Keep that Oxygen flowing freely through those veins. The more O2=the more PH balanced ur body is, and viruses don't survive in high alkaline environments.
3. Drink lots of H2O! A well hydrated body is more important than a well fed body. Water is a cleanser, purifier, it will take the stress of ur inner body bcuz ur organs have to work less hard. Less stress...less outbreaks.
4.Get proper rest daily. Your body can't rebuild itself until you rest.(that goes for ur mind too!)
5.Pay Attention! You can usually tell wen an outbreak is about to happen...up ur Zinc and C intake immediately or get some valtrex or acyclovir. It will make the outbreak shorter and maybe even less intense.
6. Relax! Life is not over! Like the previously mentioned stat,'1 in 4' people have it. The more u stress about it, the more sick you'll be.
Now, I'm no doctor, and becuz these practices help me, they may not help you, but they definitly can't hurt!
All in all, good health is the key to keeping this disease at bay. And always be honest with ur sex partners about it. If they walk, then so be it-they only wanted the sex anyway!...and besides,they may have it too! ;)

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