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I have used Caffeine Free Diet Coke to help soothe a really bad toothe ache. And, that has seemed to ease the pain. In fact my own Dentist has even recommeneded that as a home remedy. There is something in COKE SYRUP believe it or not that has healing qualities to it. We used to use COKE SYRPUP for a number of ailments when I was a little child. COKE SYRUP or COKE as in Coca Cola. It's relieving and the pain isn't as unbarable.

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The diet no caffeine coke kills the.nerve in the tooth if you do it long enough..I've been fighting a serious toothache for a week now and so far diet coke and be alive it or not peroxide are the only two.thinking numbing the pain... hoping a few more days and the nerve will die and I'll be painless

Nerve doctor

It has much to do with the sulfuric acid in the coke an the fact that its cold anything cold or sucking in cold air will relieve the pain


This does work. I believe it draws the infection out. Very much like when you drop a mentos in diet coke.


It has also worked for me. I drink Diet Coke all the time, and have been suffering from a toothache for a day or two. I drank some without ice and when it made its way to the tooth, it eased the pain. Better than oragel or any other remedy so far!


Coke didn't work for me but pepsi did. It's funny cause I accidentaly discovered it. I had a toothache n I was like I'm gonna have a soda cause I've had a bad day n drank the pepsi n it swished over to the tooth n voila... pain gone instantly!


THANK U SO MUCH!!! Words can't even describe how much I feel!


Becareful about coke. its almost all like an acid. it will kill the bacteria.

Use it as a toilet cleaner and see the amazing results. white as new.


It’s 5:05 am and I could barely sleep because of tooth pain. I have seen multiple miracle benefits of using coca cola and instantly googled to see if it was beneficial for this. After reading this post and multiple testimonials I popped open a can of coke. Felt a instant decrease in tooth pain. All of the pain isn’t gone but I will keep swooshing this bad boy around my mouth till its gone. Thanks!


Sat in work here at 0400 with a thumping tooth ache, Tried salt rinse, tried ice and tried clove oil to no avail, a friend suggetsed a trip to the vending machine for some coke and obviously, been that were always taking the mick of eachother, i was skeptical, this could be really sore i thought, but suprisingly it was instant relief !

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