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I have used Caffeine Free Diet Coke to help soothe a really bad toothe ache. And, that has seemed to ease the pain. In fact my own Dentist has even recommeneded that as a home remedy. There is something in COKE SYRUP believe it or not that has healing qualities to it. We used to use COKE SYRPUP for a number of ailments when I was a little child. COKE SYRUP or COKE as in Coca Cola. It's relieving and the pain isn't as unbarable.

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Jim Brown

I have tried the Coke thing and it works! Pepsi and Dr Peper dont hold a candle to it! Try it just fill your mouth with Coke swish it around with your mouth closed and then hold it around the area of the tooth.


this does was unbearable then gone! nice!


This does work! Thank you very much!!!


Thank You sooooo Much!!! I took tylenol but that did not prevent the pain as it was shooting down the side of my face and into the jaw line and neck and ear! I was in horrible pain! I decided since I could not afford a dentist to check out a home remedy and I came across your site and the Coke remedy-I poured myself a glass and WOW! The pain left me immediatley! At first, the pain was intense with the tempature of the liquid but only for a split second then came the relief! Thank God for small miracles! Now if only I had the insurance and money for a dentist and new teeth!


my tooth hurt for 2days it was horrible i tried everything then i tried the coke and it took the pain away almost instantly.

maria and dan

My fiance had a really bad toothe ache. Our dentist is MIA, so I searched the web and found the coke remedy. I immediately ran to the deli and bought the caffine free diet coke. He took a swig, swished it around and his pain immediately went away. Thanks SOOOOO much


I will say that it didn't kill all the pain but I didn't drasticly decrease it on contact.


Well here it is 8:30 am after I havent slept all night because of a badtoochache I searced the wed ..... I tried this coke this totally didnt wont for me .... figures


This just made my tooth ache worse.


I can't believe this really works!! The funny thing is that I have had a toothache for 2 days and Im a diet coke drinker, so I just swished it around my mouth and it relieved the pain. I used regular Diet Coke and it really helped maybe if I try the caffeine free it might make it all disapear....thank you so much maybe I can sleep tonight.

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