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I'm currently trying to lose weight after having a baby 5 weeks ago... So far Ive lost almost all the extra fat around my waist... Someone once told me if you can stick to a diet plan for three weeks it will come naturally after that, your body will be used to it! All Ive been doing is drinking water CONSTANTLY!!! I keep a big jug of water by my side and everytime I feel the urge to eat I drink water... It fills you up and once you get to the point that the water no longer quinches the hunger I will eat Some steamed veggies or a turkey sandwhich on wheat bread... Im not taking any diet pills and Im not excercising any... I take a super B complex tablet every morning for energy... Once I have my 6 week check up with my doctor I will start running and excercise, but so far so good....

I also heard of another great remedy for weight loss and its a gallon of green tea with and sliced tagerine and a cup of mint leaves... As soon as I get a chance to get to the grocery store Im going to try it out and see how that goes!

But cutting back is hard but if you can make it through the first three weeks it will be a breeze... It just takes alot of determination!

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