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Do Not, Do Not rinse a childs hair with Listerine. I tried it yesterday for a mild case of head lice on my 10 year old daughter. I burned her skin so badly she screamed while I was trying to rinse it out. Horrible. I tried the mayonaise wrap instead and seems to have worked. Plus the mayo helps slip the nits out making the manual picking easier.

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I use it on my 9,7,4,2 year old and they did not cry out all. works amzing

a mom with a school age child

its going around in my daughters class she is 4 ans jsut used it on her she has none but just used it till i can get some nix from the drugstore...she was fine no crying nothing i did fine that it stung the eyes a little when pooring it but nothing major...i pray she dont get it...


Worked wondeful on me, my 6 yr old daughter, my 12yr old niece and my 6 year old niece. It didnt sting, burn nothing for any of us but none of us have sensitive skin either!! I just did a 2 hr treatment on my daughter followed by an hour treatment of vineger then conditioned it (didnt rinse) combed with nit comb and everything was gone and eggs were just falling off!

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