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Hey every one came across this site while searching for tooth ache remedies i've had this huge hole in a tooth for about a month now since my filling fellout it has been killing me for days and i am from an island in the caribbean where it cost an arm an a leg going to a dentist well u get the picture well i've tried a few of the remedies especially the garlic did not work one bit so here is what i did it might sound weird but it worked for me i placed a few drops of turpentime on a tiny ..wad of cotton i then placed it into the hole of the trobbing tooth worked like a charm for me instant releif hope it works for others .

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Turpentine is deadly poisonous and should NEVER be put in your mouth! I'm surprised you didn't at least get sick!


Turpine is highly toxic and will burn your soft tissue and lungs if ingested. You probably have burned out the nerve that was causing the pain but now you have bacteria in your tooth and dead tissue too. You are now running the risk of gum disease spreading through your mouth.

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