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When I had heartburn and was pregnant with my 1st child to eat a tsp. full of mustard. It works great!!

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Thanks for this idea . It woked great!

Miss Tammy

Thank you!!
I am trying to study for an exam and had wicked heartburn, I have no tums left so I searched online and found this..

*Also.. I LOVE mustard so it tasted great, then I stood up for about 5 minutes to let it settle and felt it working its way down...



I like honeys & honey helps also it strangely fruits help


U just saved my life. I got almost instant relief


I've been suffering with heartburn for two days. Looking for relief, I googled and ended up here. After reading the comments, I decided to give it a try. Didn't think it could hurt any worse than it already did. I had a big time burn at first but within minutes my heartburn was gone. Thank you so much for sharing. I've never heard of this home remedy before.

terrible heartburn

im hearing alot of good feed back :) i willb try it today 11/20/2011


my g/f has been suffering from heartburn since after eating our thanksgiving meal. A day and a half! I felt so bad for her, so I came searching online and found this gem. Ran in to the room, told her to eat the tsp. of mustard, and she opened wide. I stood and waited for her response. In a little over ONE minute she started feeling relief!! Thank you SO much for sharing this!!


Been in horrible pain for three hours. Tried the mustard and it worked right away!


Im prego to I will have to try this cus I was told pickle juice does the same I tried it yesterday and it worked amazing but I have to test this mustard one out thank you :)


thanks this heartburn was ruining my christmas tried the mustard and it really worked

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