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When I had heartburn and was pregnant with my 1st child to eat a tsp. full of mustard. It works great!!

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mikey p

Thank you for your insight on heartburn home remedies but maybe do it next time.. when.. you're not preggars? mustard might have tasted wonderful to your pregnant ass but it was terrible to me. pregnant woman=1 me=0

heartburn. . .out

Thank you for that, I was up tossing and turning instant relief. . .


This is a remedy that my grandmother used and her grand mother used for years and passed it on... pregnant or not it worked for us and if your hurting bad enough it really doesn't matter how bad it taste. It's mustard, did you really think it would taste great, lol. great remedy still use it today.


Mustard tastes great to me always! Also try vinegar, if you prefer.


I was suffering from lasagna (2 hours)and was desparate...I just tried the mustard and it's working!!


who would have guessed,its working :-)


I get heartburn a lot, and this was about the worst I had it. I had nothing in the house, could barely moved found this and thought I'm desperate. I just started squirting it in my mouth. With in minutes it has tarted working! Thank you!!!!!!


Tastes horrible & it burned going down but it worked. :^D thanks


I was having yhe worst heartburn and couldnt sleep so I tried this at 3:30am. It tasted so terroble and I took a tablespoon for some overkill. After about 10 minutrs it began working and I was able to go back to sleep!


I was out of Tums and had pasta with red sauce for dinner (dumb idea there). Suffering and its 4 am, so I googled and found this site. Tried the mustard, burned going down and thought for sure I was going to throw up! Followed with a swig of water. After 30 min the heartburn seems to be gone but still have a slight burning. Can't decide if its from the mustard or some remaining heartburn.

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