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Ok B0iLS :/ grrrrr... I HATE THEM and after reading every body's remedies and stories I decided to tell u somethng honestly there's not much u can do ethier way if u do a home remedie u still have to go thru the pain and the steps of a boil the best thiing to do is wait it out I kno it sux but if u DON'T mess with them or touch or mash push watever u do it WILL get better the more u push when its not ready the more infected it will become and the more harm u could do but once it starts to drain u can roll the infection out but once u see. Blood STOP then clean it put triple antibiotic ointment on a bandaid and just keep doing that untill its eventually done. Its really not that bad if u don't mess with it! Thouigh these remedies are very interesting and some do help but ethier way u still have to go thru the steps best luck to all trust me I kno it suxx!
God bless

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acutally thats not all true if you use prid. (found behind the conter at walmart or miejer. And my grandma said if u get a tea bag wet and soak it in hot water. Put it on ur boil and it will suck out the posion. The prid will suck the puss up to the top and u can put it and it will suck some posion. And after up pop it still use a tea bag or put it in hot water. GOOD LUCK


Good advice on the hot soaks and antibiotic ointments!! It does truly help. they are slow to heal sometimes.:)


Actually all I did at first sign of swelling is go to my physician for a very strong antibiotic shot and prescription 800 mg. The next day all swelling was gone. Next day completely gone. It does have a scab on it only because I can't NOT TOUCH AND MASH IT. But b st advice is just go to the dr and get antibiotics.

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