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Rich H

I have taken into acount many of the remdies i have read here. I am currently fighting a small case of PI on my face from cutting up a tree that fell from hurican ireane. long story short even after preping for the PI i still got it (I AM HIGHLY ILLERGIC) this is what i have found works well for me... i take one of those pink benadryl pills crush it up and with a little bit of water make a paste and put it on the infected area... keep clean and always change your pillow and other bed sheets... DAILY!!! if it is a larger area affected i tend to use face cleaning scrub give it all a good scrub, than hit it with rubbing alcohol(YES IT BURNS!) and after the burning sensation becomes barable i put iverest on it. and in a day or two usually it is gone and dried up. hope this helps out someone at some time

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Poison Ivy is caused by contact with the oil urushiol. It is basically contact dermatitis. Like any contact dermatitis, wash the area to remove the agent (in this case urushiol) and then keep clean dry. Do not cut open blisters as this opens you to secondary infections which require anti-biotic treatment. Do not put any agent on your skin like bleach or gasoline which can not only further irritate, but also cause further harm. Oatmeal, baking soda or any other mild anti-irritants will help you wait out the time it takes for your body to stop reacting. Wash any clothing in hot water that may have gotten the oil on it. If you got it from a pet, wash them too.

mitch rose

I had a dose of PI and normally I'd use a little gas, but I didn't have any on hand so I mixed a little clorox, water, baking soda and salt together and bam! I found something that works!


thanks, same here. I got PI from cutting down a tree from H. Irene. Cant take cortisone so this is a great help.


why open a benedryl capsule when you can buy benedryl ointment?

Itchy Heather

I had a bunch (10+) HUGE spider bites on my feet from walking around in old leaves while camping. 1 inch diameter bites got worse as days passed. I was taking benedryl, but drowsy side effect was much worse than the small relief it gave. So i decided to make a paste (I have done this with antibiotics before and it works nicely for bad skin infections [my husband's a clumsy contractor :P]). It worked great! The benedryl ointment at store is not nearly as effective, and sometimes the inactive ingredients trap oils, etc and make it worse. Goodluck everybody. I'm on day 2 :( No benedryl inhouse- I'm trying zyrtec paste. Let you know how it goes...

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