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For vomiting, boil a cup of water and mix a tsp of cinnamon or one cinnamon stick. Add 1 tbs of honey for sweeting.

The vomiting will stop within 5 minutes.

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Also added a slice of ginger, worked 100%


My brother just called me to explain about his vomiting for the past two days,googled for remedies and voila, will defenitly post comment after he taken it.


My 19 year old was throwing up 10 hours straight. I found this remedy and made it for her. Not having honey I just boiled the water and added the cinnamon. It worked instantly and now she is sleeping blissfully!

Susan H.

Well, unfortunately for my 12-year-old, that did not work. The cinnamon does not completely dissolve and was VERY strong. She took about 3rablespoons and then continued to throw up. Bummer. I was hopeful.

26 year old female

Awesome remedy... Suddenly I started feeling nausea and the vomitting ,felt like I can't control.. Constant 4 vomits made me nervous. I thought o might end up going to emergency room. butI tried this remedy worked for me.. Perfect. Thank u so much. Must Tryyyy.


i would like to know how did this person get it right. wow some people are just toooo good


Tried this for my Hubby and daughter! They both threw up one more time in the middle of drinking it, but stopped the vomiting after that! :) LOVE home remedies that work instead of filling them up with medications that they end up throwing up anyway!!

A concerned boyfriend named Ernie

I accidentally voted a 5 on this I meant to put 10... My girlfriend, a few friends and I just celebrated her birthday. She's now officially 27. We went to dinner then a nightclub. She had a few drinks, we come home by 2:00am & at 2:28am the vomiting starts. I looked up home remedies once she said that felt horrible. I found this one but I didn't have the honey just the cinnamon. Since she wouldn't stop vomiting she tried this recipe & the hot bath. She was being stubborn saying the recipe wasn't going to work. For about 10 minutes of her saying no, no, no, I don't want to drink it she made it through most of it. Then she threw up again. She then said see I told you this wasn't going to work. It's now 3:43am as I post this. She hasn't thrown up since & she feels much much better. An added bonus her breath smelt better thanks to the cinnamon, no longer a vomit smell... It may not have the instant effect that you want but this remedy definitely works...


This helped when we had no other choices!

TK Bongles

Bless all of you. My boyfriend had violent vomiting with w retching sounds that were horrible. Nothing worked until I stumbled upon this!! He was himself in 5 minutes. We can't believe it.. We're ready to go to urgent care but cinnamon saves the day. Thank you!!!!!

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