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For vomiting, boil a cup of water and mix a tsp of cinnamon or one cinnamon stick. Add 1 tbs of honey for sweeting.

The vomiting will stop within 5 minutes.

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I was not a big of the smell and taste of cinnamon, but since I saw this post and all the ingredients are readily available from our pantry, I said, what can I loose? Wow, took a few sips and it calmed my stomach down. Spent a sleepless night because of feeling nauseated, now I might get a shut eye, its 5:40AM, yikes!!! Thanks a lot for this tip.


Thank you sooo much for sharing this. I have tried so many remidies and this is wonderful! I drink acv daily to prevent flu/virus but still get symptoms sometimes. I also have heart problems that act up when I get sick and I wind up in the hospital. Today it really hit me, so when I saw this I quickly asked my daughter to make me some. I used only about half a tsp and just a little pure organic honey and also cooled it a little with some btld water. Worked like a charm. No more stomach ache and no urge to puke. I wish I would have found this last week when every two days one of my 3 little grandsons were sick for 24 hours.


They say dr knows best ,
I think google knows best.
My son is 2 and he has been throwing up for 6hrs now I decided to google home reimidys for throwing up. This recipe popped up I thought what the I decided to try it and it worked wonders!!!!!! Thank you to who ever posted this home remidy :)


This works wonders, my daughter was up all night vomiting, she took one swallow and it's Already helping, thank you for this great remedy!!!!!!!


Home remedies are the best!!!
Please research & google its amazing!


I had the flu two weeks ago. It lasted 13 miserable hours. Today is thanksgiving and I have it again!!! I just started drinking it and the nausea is almost gone as well as my stomach feels better. Thank you for sharing. God Bless you!


After My daughter Had been vomiting all night I was desperate! I found this remedy and it worked! My 7 yr old was literally getting ready to vomit again when I made her take a sip of this! She hasn't thrown up since. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this:)


Thank u!!


Worked for myself and 13 year old son :) I drank half. He only took 3 sips. :)


Thank you for this greatful remedy

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