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For vomiting, boil a cup of water and mix a tsp of cinnamon or one cinnamon stick. Add 1 tbs of honey for sweeting.

The vomiting will stop within 5 minutes.

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she threw this up like everything else. ginger, black tea with honey, whatever. nothing stays down.

Clark Fam

Thank you sooo much!! I'm 12 years old and had to miss school today because I have been throwing up:[ and my mom and dad have been throwing up too. My dad had the worse case of it and I found this and made it and we all drank it. So far, it has been working for me and right after I drank some, it soothed my stomach and the bad aftertaste from throwing up multiple times has faded away. I haven't thrown up since. The mixture also tastes pretty good and it's easy to make! Thank you for the suggestion!! I will comment again to tell you how it works for my parents. LOVE THIS WEBSITE:D


It works. My 3-year old was vomiting non-stop last night, vomiting even her own saliva every ten minutes or so .. I gave her the cinnamon/honey/touch of milk concoction and she stopped, and hasn't since.
I boiled the fresh cinnamon in with the water, strained, then added honey. Never boil honey as it kills the antibacterial properties in it.

Julia (a very thankful daughter) age 32

God bless whomever posted this suggestion. My father is fighting pancreatic cancer and it is dangerous for him to be getting ill. Unfortunately he has been vomiting a lot for the past two days. As his caretaker and concerned daughter I have been racking my brain trying to find anything that would stop it and nothing was working. I had reached my desperate point and decided to google home remedies for vomiting. I saw this one and it was simple enough and worth a try. Amazingly it worked instantly. The vomiting has stopped and he was able to sleep through the night with ease. Thank you so much and god bless


What if your children are stubborn and dont wanna drink it? >.<3 What else is good


Thankx hopes this works! I'll reply back if it does bc im havin my mom make it for me now. :) :P


This did not work for me..... I kept vommiting for hours afterwards


I tried this remedy because I have a horrible stomach bug. My husband and son were the first to get it and it only lasted about 11 hours. I am trying to shorten the process. So far, it's helped a little bit and I also took a hot bath... Still not 100% though :(

30yr florida girl

I'v been puking for three days, I just found this rem. going to try and will get back to you.


i usually boil ginger root and cinnamon sticks together, and it works excellent for nausea, vomitting and gas..

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