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For vomiting, boil a cup of water and mix a tsp of cinnamon or one cinnamon stick. Add 1 tbs of honey for sweeting.

The vomiting will stop within 5 minutes.

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I've been feeling very icky and like I was going to throw up for a while, did a little bit, but I was willing to try ANYTHING to make that painful between-throwing-up-and-not feeling disappear. I'm currently drinking the remedy, I substituted the honey with Agave Syrup but it still works fine... this is a MIRACLE. I'm gonna use this recipe for the rest of my life!
19 y/o girl from Canada


What else can you use to sweeten it? I don't have any honey and my youngest daughter has been vomiting for a few hours now. She won't drink anything yucky so please help! lol


I have had a long history with vomiting regularly (2-3 times a year) due to a loose stomach muscle that causes me to vomit repeatedly until I pass out from exhaustion. Needless to say I have tried many over the counter and prescriptive drugs to stop vomiting in the past. I tried this remedy and it worked almost instantly to ease the nausea and prevented me from continuing to vomit. A lifesaver for sure!


I am so happy i found this
I really hate the virus! :(


Just tried this with my 9 year old. She has never had a stomache virus or ever thrown up until now. She has not stopped throwing up all day...hoping and praying it works. Will post again with results.


YAY!! SO far, so good! She (my 9 yr old daughter) was throwing up every 5 min until i gave her this rememdy!! Awesome!!




Thank You.This really works:)


omg my mom has been throwing up for a long time and she is on her bed practically crying!! we dont have honey, so i just put in everything but honey, will it still work ?!


I tried this with my wife, she sipped the drink and got sick two minutes later.

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