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For vomiting, boil a cup of water and mix a tsp of cinnamon or one cinnamon stick. Add 1 tbs of honey for sweeting.

The vomiting will stop within 5 minutes.

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this worked great for my 8 yr old


I wish I would have looked at this yesterday :P I'll use it for next time though, thanx!


WOW! Thanks for the tip, it really works!


Thank you for such a good remedy , it worked like magic for my 2 year old. I just gave her 1 tsp & it worked !!!!


this also helps wtih nauesa
i drink this if i feel like im gonna puke because im really afarid of puking
your my hero!!
thanks =D


My 23 yr. old had been vomiting for 24 hrs. Tried this remedy & it worked instantly!!! Thanks!!


OMG Thank you soooo much. My mom was vomiting all day long, she couldn't stop puking, nothing worked not even pedialite but this worked!!! she actually ate and didn't throw it back up. This is great! thank you sooooo much. I love it!


This tasted good, easy to make and I haven't vomited since I drank it. Don't know if it really works or the power of suggestion...but Thank You Very Much...I don't like to vomit, 31 y/o female


i dont have striaght cinnamon,but will cinnamon sugar work?


thank you this work great now i can keep liquids down and my stomach ache is also gone btw you can use cinamon and honey for a lot of things like weight loss, and bee stings

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