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I was diagnosed with HPV about a month ago. I couldnt afford the high priced prescription. So I began searching the web. I read a lot about ACV. I had tried Oxy-fend. It didnt work for me. I tried castor oil. Didnt work. I then knew I had one stubborn little BAS@#$D!!! About the size of an apple seed. Looked more like a flat skin tag. Well I tried ACV. It burned but not as bad as most explaining. ACV did cause it to peel some ond broke it down, BUT.......It freaking spread!! I then had one on the opposite side! And a few little ones!!! This really pissed me off and I cried!! From one to maybe ten!! I was very careful and used guaze. I even covered the oposite side so it wouldnt get touched but it still spread. I also had what I think is scarring??? Looked like flat, elongated blisters??? Plus places where my skin was abraised. And small amount of bleeding. I COULD HAVE CARED LESS ABOUT THE BLEEDIDNG!! But if someone here know what scarring looks like and if this is scarring or another form of warts...PLEASE let me know!! So I started doing more researching. I read about Vitamin C. I crushed a 500mg Vitamin C tab and added just enough water to make a paste. Got in the bed, spread em! And spread it on with a butter knife as if I was icing a cake. I had a mirror propped so that I could see 'down there.' About a minute.....GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!! It feltas though I sat my 'stuff' on FIRE!!!!!!! But I bared it. I had the ceiling fan on plus something to fan with. This really helped a lot! As it dried, the stinging eased up. It will soon dry like paint. When it dried I layed a 2x2 guaze on it and used medical tape and taped it down for the night. The next morning I was afraid to look. I pulled off the guaze and all I could see was white dried paste. (I really slapped it on thick!!) Got in the shower. It burned to wash there but not near as bad as the paste itself. I dried off and the swelling was gone. What was left of the warts from the ACV had a little bloody spot. The main one I can tell where it was but was much smaller. I didnt apply anything else at the moment. But here is the magic.....About 2 to 3 hours later, I went to use the bathroom. When I looked to check, my 'stuff' looked so normal!! No swelling. It looked as if I scracted a few places. Even some of the so-called scarring had disappeared. I didnt feel the 'lump' from the new one that was coming up. Because I was so 'abraised' down there, I didnt aplly it last night. Just went back to some of the cream and castor oil I had been using to kind of give my skin a chance to recover before I slap it back on tonight. Also I notice a few in the 'pink' part of my 'stuff.' I placed a half vitamin C tab up my vagina as far as I could push it. Make sure you put on a pad for this. My warts inside looked better also but didnt insert it last night. Will do it again tonight. Also, I am experiencing itching from the main two. Is that a sign of healing??? I will keep you all posted on what I find in the morn. I hope this help you all. Thanx!

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