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Mike P

I've tried countless remedies people are saying on here. Cherries, Bananas, Magnesium, Iron (which helped some). PLEASE don't tell me exercise. I'm an avid Spinner and typically burn 1000 calories in an hour and then used to come home and have RLS that night (a few hours later). My father had it bad and most of my siblings have it too. Recently, I started taking Astaxanthin (derived from algae). It is an anti-oxident that has ten times the strength of BetaCarotene. My 'twitching' as my wife calls it used to keep her up about 50% of the nights. Now that I take Astaxanthin daily (10mg), I would say I have had maybe two RLS attacks in 3 months (down from like 45 before in that time span). It is pronounced 'Asta Zanthin'. You can get it fairly cheap online. Also helps bursitis, blood pressure, stamina, joint pain and MANY other ailments. I love this stuff.

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Drink a swig of dill pickle juice before bed. Sounds weird but it works for my wife who had moderate RLS.


I am also a regular gym user, but have found over the years that too MUCH leg activity, as well as too LITTLE, have a negative impact on my RLS. Have had this for 50 years, slowly escalating as time goes on. An ever-changing rotation of a couple of meds (do not up dosages, but change their order and frequency) seems to help with severity and occurrence of rebound and augmentation.


Love it!!
To the point, articulate, and interesting


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