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When I get really dizzy and head feels kind of buzzy I shake my head back and forth (make sure you are sitting down) like you are motioning 'no' as super fast as you can with your eyes closed. It may feel a little dizzy when you open your eyes for a second but that head pressure/buzz goes away and so do the dizzies for a little while at least for some relief.

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Dude that is some bullshit. lol


My mother tried this & seriously almost had a heart attack. Don't post stupid remedies like this on the internet.

not dizzyanymore

I had an inner ear problem that caused dizziness, I went to a balance specialist who made me do an exercise similar to this, but don't shake it fast. You can do this by sitting down and choosing a spot of the wall in front of you to stare at. Then SLOWLY move your head from side to side with no more than a 15 degree angle about fifteen times. Then do the same moving your head up and down SLOWLY. Do this three time a day until the dizziness subsides. Please don't do a vigorous shake, it might cause you to get dizzier.


This seems to be working for me. I've done one set and got up to move around and it seems to be better. I will do two more sets. Thanks so much for posting this.


Thank you! This really helped me a lot. mine is an inner ear balance thing too. something so simple but it works for me!!


yes this is the cure for dizzy spells so it is not stupid it is common sense
by the way i am a para medic


One of the above posters is correct - doing this motion slowly (while keeping your eyes fixed on a point ahead of you) is one of the exercises recommended by physical therapists. This is doing several things - establishing a 'normal' sense in your brain (your brain realizes that the dizziness is not really the room moving but is just something that is affecting you at the moment), releasing tension in your neck (one of the causes of dizziness) and making the fluid in your inner ear move around a bit (if there are crystals that have dislodged in your inner ear, they can cause dizziness until they dissolve or settle).


Um u stupid my mother had to go to the hospital it gave. Her brain injury

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